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Roger McGough Puts Clarence the Polar Bear on a Plate

Roger McGough Puts Clarence the Polar Bear on a Plate

Fish fingers lacking flair? Help is at hand, for Roger McGough has teamed up with Birds Eye to turn mascot Clarence the polar bear’s adventures into verse. On plates.

A quarter of a million plates featuring seven different designs by illustrator Andy Ellis will be given away by Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s over the next three months, the aim being to entertain three to 10-year-olds at mealtimes after studies found that British mums consider teatime to be the most stressful time of the day.

McGough said: “I was delighted to take up the challenge offered by Birds Eye as it afforded an opportunity to take poetry out of the library, the classroom and the bookshop, and via the supermarket reach a wide audience of youngsters who may not read books. Meal times needn’t be fractious, nor poetry boring. Poetry on plates? Eat up and read on.”

If that’s not a reason to clean your plate I don’t know what is.

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