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Kids' book news, reviews and interviews



A site for kids, overgrown kids, parents, teachers, grandparents and anyone else who buys or reads children’s books and wants to find out more about them.


  1. Hi Rachel,I’m Amber Dawson’s grandad and Sally has been keeping me in the loop regarding your exciting new venture.May I wish you every success.Ask Amber to tell about her cousin Noelle.She is a Childrens book illustrator.Iknow she has worked with a popular best selling author.She may be prepared to write a newsy piece along the lines of’A day in the life of an illustrator’.Anyway I’ll keep an eye on your site.Very,very best wishes Terry.

    • Hi Terry, How nice to hear from you. Thank you for your kind wishes. Amber is a star walrus! It would be lovely to hear from Noelle. Wouldn’t it be fun for Amber to chat with her as a feature for our ‘Interview’ section. I’ll speak to Amber later. Thank you for your support.

      • Brilliant idea!|’ll give Sally Noelle’s contact details.Amber would do an excellent interview.Have you seen her Dawson Times newspaper?Ah lovely to have made contact.Regards Terry

        • I have made contact with Noelle’s dad(Amber’s great uncle) and have sent Sally her contact details.Amber,Sally and I Skyped yesterday and Sally will talk it through with you.Hope it is productive.I shall bow out on this topic now.Good luck!Terry

  2. | used to look forward to getting lovely long letters from walrus Amber in the U.A.E. but she seems to have transferred her energies to Book-walrus.|am left with a fleeting vision at the back of a Skype with her Mum.Please let me have her back from time to time,Rachel.Best wishes,Terry.

    • Shocking behaviour. Book Walrus will have words with young Amber, and we will launch a campaign – ‘Why children must write to their grandparents’ :)

  3. To Book-Walruses everywhere.
    I am sure you will all join me in thanking Rachel for setting up such an inspirational website.It is still less than 6 months since the launch and I am truly amazed at how interesting and varied the topics are.It is also good to know,and well deserved,to hear that there are some great literary figures following the website.
    Let’s give Rachel a huge walrus hug and squeeze in gratitude.
    Love and Peace to all and continued success in 2014.Terry

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