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Inheritance, Christopher Paolini, loved by Amber

Inheritance, Christopher Paolini, loved by Amber


Inheritance is the fourth and final book in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. It is also one of my favourite books in the whole world.


Most people wouldn’t want to read it because the front cover is rather scary in a way. Little kids definitely wouldn’t want to read it straightaway but do not be put off.  If you read the first chapter you will not be able to put the book down.


One of my favourite characters is the elf Arya. The best bit is definitely the part where Eragon and Saphira went on a journey to find the Vault of Souls and what was hidden inside it. It was a huge surprise to me when I finally discovered what was hidden inside the Vault of Souls….why don’t you find out too?


I also thoroughly enjoyed Eragon (the first book in the Inheritance Cycle) although the difference between the two books was enormous. Eragon was fresh and short(ish) whereas Inheritance was detailed and extremely long. I think the author should have split up all the books in the Inheritance Cycle. Then, instead of having four really l-o-n-g books he could have had several shorter books which might have attracted an even bigger crowd of fans.


Overall I would say this: READ IT!!! 5 STARS!


Amber D, age 10, Book Walrus


  1. Wow what a great review Amber. It has really inspired me to get hold of a copy! It sounds like a book full of adventure, mystical journeys and magic! I will definitely be reading this to my boys!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your review Amber! You’ve got me wanting to know what’s in that vault. Brilliant!

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