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Matilda by Roald Dahl, loved by Jodie

Matilda by Roald Dahl, loved by Jodie

My favourite book is Matilda because it is different to other books – even Roald Dahl books – and is about a 5 year old girl who is truly magnificent because she can read adult-thick books, which I wish I could do as fast as she does.

Her mum and dad think she is stupid, when she is the opposite. It is interesting that the people who think other people are stupid end up being the stupid ones themselves.

I think Matilda has the most horrible baddies of all Roald Dahl’s books – Matilda’s mother and father are mean and unkind to Matilda, and Miss Trunchbull grabs children by the hair and throws them out the window.

My favourite bit is when Matilda plays a trick on her mum and dad by putting her friend’s parrot up the chimney and pretending it is a ghost.

The funniest bit is when she puts superglue in her dad’s hat and he can’t get it off and has to wear it to bed. Then Mrs Wormwood has to cut it off and while the hat is coming off so is his hair.

The nastiest bit is when Miss Trunchbull forces an overweight boy called Bruce Bogtrotter to eat an enormous cake to try to make him sick after he stole some food from the kitchen. The good thing is that Bruce Bogtrotter is a bit of a hero because he finishes the cake. Ha!

I liked it when Matilda discovered she had magic powers because that meant she could save everybody and make things fair. I would like to suddenly discover I had magic powers one day. Although it would be a shame to lose them again like Matilda does.


Jodie, age 10, Book Walrus



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  1. Lovely review Jodie – enjoyed that and will share with Lottie and Ollie. Well done!! xx

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