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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Rick Riordan, loved by Hugo

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Rick Riordan, loved by Hugo

It didn’t take me long to become immersed in the world of Percy Jackson.  I was immediately intrigued with the idea of a boy who is a demi-god, one who has some superhuman water abilities, is great with a sword, is loyal, has a brilliant sense of humour and yet some flaws to his character so imperfect like most people!

The Sea of Monsters has a fantastic mix of mythical creatures who add excitement and frightening twists and turns to the story.  The book centres on Percy and his friends’ mission to find the golden fleece to restore the tree in Camp Half-Blood which in turn will ensure that the magical barrier will protect the camp from an army of monsters invading the camp.

Of all the Percy Jackson books, I have chosen this one as one of my favourites because it’s set in the ocean (and I love the ocean!) and the tense and often scary atmosphere created by Rick Riordan is abundant throughout the pages of this book.  The descriptions of the creatures and monsters are vivid so you can build your own visual image easily whilst enjoying what happens in their quest for the elusive golden fleece.

Rick Riordan is brilliant at writing fantasy against the backdrop of ‘normal life’ so you get to relate to reality whilst using your imagination on all the fantasy stuff.

The Sea of Monsters is a book you will happily use as an excuse to go to bed early to read and you’ll be disappointed when your mum tells you it’s time to put your light off.


Hugo, age 10, Book Walrus

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