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Book Walrus Reviews ‘The Fallen’ by Charlie Higson

Book Walrus Reviews ‘The Fallen’ by Charlie Higson
The Fallen by Charlie Higson
Series: The Enemy #5
Published by Puffin on 12 September 2013
Format: Paperback

The Fallen by Charlie Higson is the fifth book in The Enemy series.

First the sickness rotted the adults' minds. Then their bodies. Now they stalk the streets, hunting human flesh. The Holloway crew are survivors. They've fought their way across London and made it to the Natural History Museum alive - just. But the fight will never end while the Enemy lives, unless there's another way. . . The kids at the museum are looking for a cure. All they need are medical supplies. To get them means a journey down unknown roads. Roads where not only crazed, hungry sickos hide in the shadows.



Star rating: * * * *   4 out of 5

This is the fifth book in the amazing series by Charlie Higson. This series was new to me so I got the first book (The Enemy) and read that first so that I could get to know the series. I recommend doing the same. I have only read the first book and this one, of course, but I may go back now and read the others.

The first thing about this book is that it is definitely the goriest book I have ever read. If you get scared easily then DO NOT under any circumstances read this book at night! There are absolutely loads of battle scenes in this book and in all of them it describes in graphic detail how all the people, grown ups and kids alike, die. Interestingly, there was a bit in the middle with lots of jokes, both rude and funny. My favourite joke was: ‘What do you get if you cross a flea with a donkey?’ Answer = ‘An itchy ass’.

I think the author had a really excellent, original, funny idea for this series of books as I have never read anything like this before and, trust me, I have read hundreds of books in my life! I mean, whoever heard of a disease wiping out the adults that were nice (teachers, parents, doctors, etc.), leaving all of the kids to fight off the remaining bloodthirsty grown ups!

WARNING: Jodie , this book is not pink and sparkly!



Star rating: * * * *   4 out of 5

Another thrilling book showing not only the positives of a world without adults that all children dream about, but also the harsh reality of the breakdown of humanity and society that would actually happen as a result of a lack of adults. I have read several similar series before, so it was rather shocking to read one where not only did the children fight each other, they also have to fight the adults!

All the adults are infected with a ‘zombie’ like virus and kids are stuck in a fight for survival against both the adults and each other, set in the heart of London about a year after the virus first appeared. This book follows a group of children who are trying to move into the National History Museum, but as they arrive they discover that all is not as it seems, and that one of the children may be working with the adults.

The book was very enjoyable and well written, with Higson presenting his own, more modern take, of a world without adults. The book works well as a stand-alone-novel within the series, but some of the back story would be difficult to understand if you hadn’t read the previous books in the series.

For anyone who has enjoyed this book I would strongly recommend reading the Gone series by Michael Grant or Lord of the Flies by William Golding.

I would also recommend this book to anyone who just likes the idea of a world without adults and where kids rule the world.




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