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Book Reviews: Love Bites by Jo Cotterill

Book Reviews: Love Bites by Jo Cotterill
Love Bites by Jo Cotterill
Published by Barrington Stoke on 1 May 2012
Format: Paperback
Amazon Description

Beautiful paranormal romance for struggling  teen readers.  Grace is a vampire, but she's in love. In love with a gorgeous human,  James. Her sister Tara says she has to leave James  -  or risk their  secret being revealed. But Grace is sure James will understand. What  will happen when she tells him her secret? Particularly suitable for reluctant and struggling and dyslexic readers.



As Book Walrus fans will know, I am a BIG fan of vampires and I struggle with long books. So I felt like Love Bites was a book made especially for me, because it’s a short book about a girl called Grace who is in love with a boy called James and he loves her too, but he doesn’t know the truth – Grace is a VAMPIRE! It is all about how she has to tell him and how difficult it is for her.

The only downside of this book was it wasn’t pink – but it was sparkly, so that’s okay.  :)

I have to say that I LOVED this book. At Halloween, I voted it one of my three favourite spooky books ever – you can see that video here – and it has probably made my top 5 of all books!

I liked this book because:

  • It is short, so I could read it all in one go.
  • It is about vampires. I love vampires. One of my favourite stories I ever read is Dracula by Bram Stoker (I read the abridged children’s version) and I love the Twilight movies
  • It has great pictures
  • It has yellow-colored pages, large writing and good spacing to help people with dyslexia.

I don’t have dyslexia but I do struggle to stay interested in long books and find it hard to focus on the words on the page. I found this book easy to read. It usually takes me at least one week to read a book, I read Love Bites in one evening so I am very happy and I hope there will another Love Bites because I will definitely be the first to buy it and to finish it because I absolutely loved this book.



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