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Book Reviews: Team Training by Pippa Funnell

Book Reviews: Team Training by Pippa Funnell
Team Training by Pippa Funnell
Series: Tilly's Horse Magic #2
Published by Orion Children's on 21 August 2014
Tilly Redbrow doesn't just love horses - she lives, breathes and dreams them too!

Tilly is elated that she and her beloved horse, Magic Spirit, have been selected to train for the British Equestrian Junior Squad. It's like a dream come true. She is looking forward to spending a week at top event rider, Livvy James' yard and being taught by a professional. Together with her team mates Anna, Ben and Kya, they start their days early and finish late working in the yard, getting to grips with stable management and riding with Livvy. It's not easy, there's a lot to learn and the strain begins to show with jealousy and rivalries that threaten to break the team as they all try to earn a place in the limelight.

Packed with expert advice from champion rider and Grand Slam winner, Pippa Funnell, on everything you ever wanted to know about horses, and perfect for all fans of NATIONAL VELVET and Lauren St John's One Dollar Horse trilogy.

Review by Maisy

Loving horses, ‘Team Training’ is my favourite book review I have done so far, as the main character’s life revolves completely around horses! This is Pippa Funnell’s latest book in her new series, Tilly’s horse magic and there are still two more to come. These books are the type that you don’t have to read the whole series because each book has its own start and finish. Tilly Redbrow is living the horsey dream with her beloved horse, Magic Spirit, and it just gets better when she is invited to spend a week at a top eventers yard. Now she is in the junior riding squad, she and the team need extra training from Livvy James and what better way to do it than to spend a week riding at her very own yard. They all think it will be so much fun but as soon as they arrive, they are taught that winning IS everything. To achieve their goals, all Livvy has to do is bring them together as a team, but that is already seeming too difficult. If you are into competitive, tense books and you love horses, then ALL of Pippa Funnells books will keep you entertained. Any parents who want to keep their kids out of their hair, just buy them this book. I would give this amazing book 1000000 stars if I could, but seeing as the highest is 5, I will have to give it a 5.


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