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Book Reviews: The World of Norm 5: May Be Contagious, Jonathan Meres

Book Reviews: The World of Norm 5: May Be Contagious, Jonathan Meres
May Be Contagious by Jonathan Meres
Series: The World of Norm #5
Published by orchard books on 7 November 2013
Format: eBook

Following on from his first four massively unfair adventures, Norm is back! And he knows that it's just going to be one of those days... Before long a dog-related injury prevents him from biking, and an old "friend" threatens the one thing even more important to Norm than his bike. And we're not talking pizza! Upset plans and upset stomachs...Norm's out of luck. And it may be contagious! An award-winning, laugh-out-loud series for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and David Walliams.


Star rating: * * * *    4 out of 5  


Our bookshop didn’t have The World of Norm 5: May Be Contagious so my mum got it on her Kindle. This was good because the kindle book also had a bit of the first The World of Norm book. So it’s like two for the price of one. Or like one and a bit for the price of one.

The book’s hero is called Norm. He is NOT like me. Norm loves biking. I do not. I have a bike and every year my dad takes it to the bike shop and gets the tyres pumped. But every year I look at it in the garage and think ‘Nah!’ This is because whenever I ride a bike I end up in the hedge and hedges are not soft like they look from far away. I mean really. Hedges are spiky and a bit evil.

Another way Norm is not like me  is Norm says ‘flipping’. The only person I know that says ‘flipping’ is my mum. So whenever Norm says ‘flipping’ I hear my mum’s-voice. I don’t think the writer meant for that.

I don’t want to sound like I don’t like the book. I do like the book because it is funny. Norm slipping on dog vomit and getting it on his pyjamas is funny. Having wi-fi but only in the toilet is funny. People eating mouldy pizza that the dog pulled out of the bin is funny.

The writer is funny with words too. There is a girl called Alice, who is nicknamed ‘dark alleys’ because alleys sounds like Alice. This is a funny nickname even though Alice in the book says it isn’t. I think the writer is trying to trick readers into thinking it is even more funny than it is by saying it is not funny. (I told my mum this might be a confusing sentence but she told me to leave it in because she says it is an interesting thought).

Another line that made me laugh was ‘he wasn’t a happy bunny. Even by unhappy bunny standards he wasn’t a happy bunny’. That’s definitely funny.

Overall this is a funny book by a funny writer (although maybe he shouldn’t give mum-words to teenage boys because it is confusing) and you should read it.








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