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Book Reviews: Zom-B Gladiator, by Darren Shan

Book Reviews: Zom-B Gladiator, by Darren Shan
Gladiator by Darren Shan
Series: Zom-B #6
Published by Simon & Schuster on 2 January 2014
Can you kidnap a zombie?
Can money buy your life?
Or can you only fight for it?
B Smith has met her darkest challenge yet . . .

Review by Daniel


In the latest Zom-B book, Becky Smith gets sent on missions with other Angels (the revitalized) to capture zombie hideouts, search for living humans and search for other young revitalized. One day on a mission where they find a mother and a baby, B gets captured while waiting outside a zombie ridden Hamleys, by two old enemies Barnes and Coley. She is taken to the HMS Belfast full of very rich politicians who are very bored and have made an arena to make zombies fight in. They wanted Becky as she was the first revitalized to enter the arena. There are 6 members of the “board”. Dan-Dan the child killer; (Lady) Jemima, (Lord) Luca who’s Dan-Dan’s Brother, Vicky, Justin and the prince.

B is put up against 6 or 7 zombies in an arena many times every day to fight to the death. If she refuses, Dan-Dan kills a young child! Each day B gets weaker and more worn out with wounds all over her body. One day she nearly gets herself killed to try and make the board stop and give her time to rest. However they still force her to carry on and she is told that if she dies, then 14 children will be killed. One day when she is fighting gunshots are heard from outside and human screaming. HMS Belfast was under attack!

A very exiting book with lots of brilliant illustrations. 5/5


Review by Karl Southern

Zom-B Gladiators is the most recent book in Darren Shan’s Zom-B series. Zom-B is a zombie apocalypse book series, but with a twist as the main character is a zombie herself. After being ‘turned’ she managed to comeback. Living in a state of awareness, she is part-human, part-zombie dubbed ‘revitaliseds’, but she is not the only one. B Smith, the protaganist, is currently working with humans and other ‘revitaliseds’ to try and defeat the zombies and protect any of the surviving humans. In this book B is captured by a group of people who call themselves ‘The Board’, they live on the HMS Belfast and plan to run the country once the zombies are defeated. The Board treat B as a gladiator, pitching her against groups of zombies on a daily basis. Eventually her friends come to the rescue and she escapes, but unfortunately so do part of The Board.

At the start of this book B is trying to distance herself from the revitaliseds and the other people she is staying with as it is her belief that it is pointless becoming emotionally attached to people in a world where there is a very large chance of them dying. This is something she debates with bother herself and her old school teacher, Mr. Burke, eventually, after they rescue her, B decides that she could accept these people as her friends.

Yet again I have thoroughly enjoyed Darren Shan’s latest novel, especially with such a unique twist on the other apocalypse books that are littered throughout children’s literature. The book shows an in-depth view of the inside moral issues facing B as she tries to survive in this despicable world as well as having brilliant characters, such as Dan-Dan, on both the good side and the bad. I can’t wait to see how the series will unfold.

4 out of 5 stars


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