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The Boy Who Really Really Really Loves Lizards by John Hamilton

The Boy Who Really Really Really Loves Lizards by John Hamilton
The Boy Who Really Really Really Loves Lizards by John Hamilton
on October 2013
Format: Paperback
This picturebook follows the story of a boy called Oliver, who is obsessed by lizards, frogs and snakes. He will only eat, sleep and wear anything relating to his favourite creatures. Oliver takes us on a trip to meet real lizards at the museum and finds they are not what they seem! Aimed at 4-8 year olds but has been well received by younger and older children (as well as adults!) it is available through my website at

Review by Dylan, age 10

My mum said I would like this book. She was right. And that’s not only because it was short – although that did help. I like reading short books.

“Dylan is MAD about short books (and video games and drawing). Dylan will only eat short book spaghetti or short-book-shaped biscuits. Dylan will only wear underpants with short books on. Dylan will only go out if he is wearing one of his short book costumes . . .”

Okay, okay, I’ll stop. I borrowed John Hamilton’s description of how Oliver, in the story, feels about lizards – at least at the beginning of the book – to fill up some space. Because the thing about short books is that they often end up with short reviews because when books are written for younger kids than me (I’m 10) they have a basic plot so the little kids can understand them.

But this story is smart and funny too. It’s about a boy named Oliver who, and I quote, “really really really loves Lizards” (by the way that was from the title of book). But, when Oliver goes to a museum, he discovers lizards might not be as cool as he thinks.

My favourite thing about the book is the illustrations. They are the best I’ve seen in . . . well, I just read Russell Brand’s Trickster Tales: The Pied Piper of Hamelin and that had pictures by Chris Riddell . . .  so they are the best I’ve seen in an hour or so. But that is not a fair sentence because they are brilliant. John Hamilton is very good at drawing and he must like lizards. I know this because there is a picture on the back of the book with one sitting on his shoulder like he’s a lizard pirate.

I would buy the book just for the illustrations. They are brilliant and detailed and they aren’t just in the book either. There is a lizard bookmark and a recipe for frog biscuits attached to our copy too.

I have said I love short books but I was sad this book was short because it meant it finished it very quickly. But that doesn’t mean I won’t re-read a lot of times!

Great for kids learning to read, and anyone older for its brilliant illustrations and funny story.

All the stars.


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  1. Thanks for your review Dylan – glad you liked the book and good to be mentioned in the same sentence as Chris Riddell!

    The picture of the chameleon on my shoulder was taken at the museum. As the photographs were being taken it was getting closer and closer to my head and I suddenly started to wonder if they bite as it got really close to my nose and was looking straight at me! lucky for me it just looked at me!


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