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The Case of the Exploding Loo Blog Tour – Stop 9! Final Post!

The Case of the Exploding Loo Blog Tour – Stop 9! Final Post!



To conclude the Blog Tour, Book Walrus asked his reviewers who’d read The Case of the Exploding Loo to share their favourite bit, their favourite character and their favourite line from the book. Here are their answers (where the names are new it’s because the Junior Reviewers’ brothers and sisters wanted to join in):



My favourite bits are when Mum screams when someone does something that she doesn’t want them to do, because my Mum would never do that and nor would anyone else’s Mum I know.

My favourite character in the book is Mum because she lounges around all day and is just really funny! I have never read a book (until this) that has such a unique and unpredictable character.

The best quotes are when Noelle says “Pythagoras” or “Ada Lovelace” or “Thank Euclid” ( I am assuming that they are all famous scientists) when she thinks of something or has an idea.


AMBER (11):

My favourite part is every single part, I just can’t choose a favourite!

My favourite character has to be Noelle because of her sarcasm (I like sarcasm).

My favourite quote is “Holly calls her the Vigil-Aunty”, this is funny because a vigilante is someone who takes the law into their own hands and this is just what Vigil-Aunty (Noelle and Holly’s Aunt Vera) is like.


DYLAN (9):

My favourite thing about the book is the cover because the illustrations are brilliant and they hint at things that happen in the story.

My favourite character is Noelle, because if she wasn’t a [shudder] girl, she would be basically just like me.

My favourite line from the book is where Noelle says Dad didn’t continue inventing the brain cap “because he knew we’d never convince anyone to let us drill into their skull.”


JODIE (11):

My favourite thing about the book is the way it uses turquoise to link the clues, because turquoise is my favourite colour.

My favourite character is Holly, because she is physical and active, like me (but I don’t kick people).

My favourite line from the book is where the newspapers say Dad was “wiped out” by the toilet blast and Noelle complains that they’ve “changed the facts to make a toilet-paper joke”.



My favourite thing about the book is how Noelle subtly changes as the story develops, becoming a little bit wiser and a little bit less of a stickler for the rules by the end. But not too much.

My favourite character has to be Noelle, but I do also hope that’s not the last we’ve seen of Meccano Morris.

Favourite line: ” I yank out the memory stick, failing to follow the correct removal procedures for the second time today. I’m turning into a cyber-rebel.”



My favourite moment has to be confronting Dad.  Finding out just how much more clueless he is about other people than Noelle is — deeply funny if also rather sad all at once.

Favourite character’s definitely Noelle.  Oblivious to other humans sometimes, but always with a hilarious unique perspective and plenty of intellect and logic to back that up.

Favourite line: “Without scruples to tell us the right things to do, people would be murdering, stealing and talking with their mouths open all over the place.”



This book was so funny it made my nose explode in Café Nero! There are gazillions of great bits in the book but, if I had to choose my number 1, it would be when Noelle (Know-all) and Porter are in the camera room with Dave (Jangly Keys Guy). Although I won’t tell you why because I don’t want to spoil it for you.

ALL the characters were fabulous, even Ms Grimm, but my favourite character has to be Porter because he is the main boy!

It is full of lines that made me laugh including Clue 4 about Mum winning a turquoise iPod from the ‘Curry in a Hurry’ loyalty scheme, run by the local Indian Takeaway.

This is the best book I have read in AGES. I hope Rachel Hamilton (aka the best writer in the universe!) writes another quirky book soon.

So that’s it, blog tour over. Book Walrus has had a rather fabulous time, and hopes you have too. He was going to reveal his favourite things about the book but had a bit of trouble finding the bits about walruses. And how can a book be as good as it sounds from the comments above if there are no walruses in it? There are herrings both red and real mentioned though, so The Case of the Exploding Loo can still come in his top 5 books ever written list, under Alice in Wonderland and The Carp Fishing Manual.

Thanks for coming, drop by the iceberg again soon! Bring fish, nobody likes a guest turning up empty handed.


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  1. Well done Rachel and your review team.I do admire your wit ,charm and stamina!I have bought 4 copies and hope to read it soon,if I can prise it away from Maisy and Amber!
    Love and peace to everyone,Terry

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