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Friday’s High Flipper 5: Best Pony Books

Chosen by Amber

I loved pony books, so my Top 5 was always going to be:

 5 Best Pony Books in Children’s Fiction


1. The Princess and the Foal by Stacy Gregg

princess foal




Don’t be put off by this title! There is no Princessy Princess in this book!








2. A Horse called Hero by Sam Angus

hero horse





This story is set in the war, which makes it really intense.







 3. Blind Beauty by KM Peyton

blind beauty





This is a really sad but interesting book. Fortunately it ends quite happily!




4. The One Dollar Horse by Lauren St John

one dollar horse





This book is about a girl who calms a wild horse.






5. Race the Wind by Lauren St John

race wind





This book is the sequel to The One Dollar Horse.







Which pony books do you like?


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