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Galactic Hot Dogs: Cosmoe’s Wiener Getaway, Max Brallier and Rachel Maguire

Galactic Hot Dogs: Cosmoe’s Wiener Getaway, Max Brallier and Rachel Maguire
Galactic HotDogs: Cosmoe's Wiener Getaway by Max Bralliard, Rachel Maguire
Series: Galactic HotDogs #1
Published by Simon & Schuster on 7 May 2015
Format: ARC
Captain Underpants meets Star Wars in this hilariously funny new series.
Cosmoe was just your average, adventure-seeking 13-year-old orphan back on Earth, until the strange night he was yanked into space. Now he's got all the adventure he craved and more aboard the Neon Wiener ~ part spaceship, part food truck ~ selling their trademarked dish of 'Galactic Hot Dogs'.
Cosmoe and friends run into trouble when Princess Dagger, a half-evil, half-awesome princess manages to kidnap herself onto their ship and suddenly her evil mother is gunning for the Neon Wiener…


Review by Dylan:

I’m up at 9pm finishing this review because I’ve been busy with school stuff this week. Also, because this hasn’t been easy to write as I have mixed feelings about Galactic Hot Dogs: Cosmoe’s Wiener Getaway.

I thought I was going to love this book when I saw the cover and read all about it because:

  1. It has a recommendation from Lincoln Peirce on the front. Lincoln Peirce writes the Big Nate books, which are some of my favourite comedy books.
  2. It is from Funbrain, where Diary of a Wimpy Kid supposedly got its start. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books used to be one of my favourite book series in the world.
  3. It is full of amazing illustrations and has a comic-y feel that I like and fits in well with the book.

There are some things I like a lot about this book. Firstly, the illustrations are brilliant and I really like the art style used, which I’ve said already. I think Rachel Maguire did an extremely good job with them. Her images properly tell the story and don’t just illustrate what the writer has written. They make the book feel alive – not literally – that would be frightening.

Secondly, I think Evil Princess Dagger is an interesting and intriguing character right from the beginning. The other characters take longer to become exciting, but they do become likeable (although not in the (original) “Teen Titans” character development way). I wasn’t sure about Cosmoe himself. He didn’t feel so original and at first seemed like a generic couch potato who was being used to make readers, like me (who spend their days playing video games and sitting on the couch!) like the character, but he turned out to be surprisingly okay.

Despite the fact I wanted to like this book, some things stopped it going on the ‘favourite-books list’ I keep in my head. Number 1-which-kind-of-sort-of-is-the-only-number: I didn’t always see the point of the book. The title is a bit deceiving because the book is not really about a getaway. The plot of being on the run is forgotten after Chapter Six and it seems like more time was spent making the book look ‘eye popping’ than making you think about the people inside it and what they’re doing.

At times, I felt like the book was trying a bit too hard to be funny and to talk to people my age by using words like epic, awesome (awesomeness, awesomely), crummy, lame and butt. But that might just be because of  the (WARNING: Made up word approaching) ‘American-ness’ of the book. I think it might feel more natural to American readers. I don’t notice the language in some American books (like the Wimpy Kid) but in others the language can sound a bit…strange to me and I’d say this is the most American-sounding book I’ve ever read.

But the good news is it’s not a problem! There is something on the back cover of my early copy of the book that tells me it will soon be very famous. The people are going to spend $1,000,000 launching and marketing it. Wow! A MILLION DOLLAR BOOK!

My score rating for the book is 3 out of 5 because although it’s a good book, it’s not really for me for the reasons I said above (but I’m pretty sure the tone and the humour will work for other people).



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