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Why I Like Fiction Better than Non-Fiction, by Dylan, 9

Why I Like Fiction Better than Non-Fiction, by Dylan, 9

Another day off school, another Book Walrus post from me. Do other kids’ parents just let them relax and watch TV when they’re sick? I bet they do. Anyway, this is a serious blog post, so I’m putting my serious cap on. Everything is SERIOUS from now on. S-E-R-I-O-U-S.






So here are the reasons why I like fiction books more than non-fiction books:

  • Writers put more imagination into fiction books than non-fiction books, so fiction makes you think and wonder and daydream and lots of good things, while non-fiction just makes you LEARN.
  • The information in non-fiction books is useful, but it is not often very exciting.
  • Non-fiction books are limited by the truth and facts, while the possibilities for fiction are endless and go on foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  • Non-fiction books are often long and tedious to read.
  • I bet even the authors get bored writing non-fiction. Then again, I think my mum has also fallen asleep on her keyboard once or twice writing her fiction book…
  • Fan communities on the brilliant, amazing, magnificent THE INTERWEBZ (stay serious) mean people are able to write fiction books about what they like and what I like.

I’m done… right? I can play on the computer now, yes? No! Really? I have to write more. OH COME ON…

  • Fiction books are *cough* NORMALLY  less disturbing than non-fiction. Fiction books can calm you down and make you laugh. Non-fiction makes you say “WHY, HITLER, WHY?!”
  • You can feel a person’s emotions more in fiction than non-fiction and emotions are interesting.
  • Fiction books are like movies, non-fiction books are more like not-very-good documentaries.
  • Fiction books sometimes have collectable things in them. Non-fiction books don’t do this so often.
  • Umm… I should finish with something meaningful. So… Fiction books let you go to different places in your head. I guess?

I’m done! Why are you still reading this? Do something else! There’s no reason to still be reading this. You’re just wasting your time. There’s no secret at the end. Skip if you want to. Don’t you have something to do? Go do something else, alright! There’s absolutely nothing here. You’re wasting valuable seconds. THERE’S NOTHING LEFT HERE! I’m not even going to continue writing. This is the end, GOODBYE!

You can learn more about Dylan here.




  1. Always a good read Dylan – I love your reviews – keep it up ! oh and listen to your mum – she is ALWAYS right :)

  2. Dylan’s mum says thank you ;)

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